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Dogs arrive into the care of Animals in Need UK from all walks of life for adopting or fostering. Some will have been lucky enough to have lived in a loving home, but for various reasons their owners can no longer look after them, hence we find the dogs a caring home offering a similar lifestyle.

Others dogs may have been unlucky enough to end up in a stray pound, either through genuinely running off or having the misfortune to be thrown out. These dogs if not claimed in 7 days will invariably be under the threat of the death penalty and end up being put to sleep.

Lastly, there are the dogs who live in constant fear for their lives. They never know where the next meal is coming from, if they become ill they either live or die as veterinary treatment is not on the agenda for them, nor is a friendly pat, they are more likely to get a beating for no good reason.

All of these dogs will be looked after by Animals in Need until a suitable home can be found for them and will be assessed before going onto their new owners.
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