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Animals In Need UK.

Animals in Need UK

Animals in Need in Guernsey was founded by Charleen Clench and Jackie Dalton in 2010. Between the two of us we have amassed a lifetimes experience of rescuing and re-homing dogs and other animals.


Jackie was formally Animal Care Manager at Bath Cats and Dogs Home for over ten years, amassing excellent veterinary and animal welfare knowledge. She also has a lifetimes experience with most domestic animals including horses, which she has participated with to a high standard, including competing at Horse of The Year Show at Wembley and training top class hunter chasers and point to pointers.


Having been an animal lover all her life, several years ago Jennie started to help voluntarily in animal rescue circles. She is an active campaigner for animal rights and has been involved in fundraising, rescue, campaigning and educating about animal welfare. She has helped rescue dogs and cats from Turkey, Romania and Bosnia as well as the UK. She volunteered in Romania in 2016 seeing first-hand the misery that ownerless animals endure. She started helping Jackie at Animals in Need during the Nisipari campaign (Constanta, Romainia) where they helped with food, veterinary care and shelter for 40 dogs living in atrocious conditions.

We take dogs from owners who are unable to care for them any longer due to a change of circumstance, owners death etc. we also take dogs that have been ill treated, abandoned, or left to stray.

Our dogs are quarantined for a short period to detect whether they have any illness and placed into foster homes where they can be assessed in a family environment for any behavioural problems before going to their potential adopters.

All dogs where possible are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, treated for fleas/worms and micro chipped. Other necessary treatment will also be carried out if needed before going out to an adopter unless arranged otherwise with the adopter and Animals in Need.

Prospective adopters/foster carers will be home checked prior to dogs going into new homes. Follow up check and support is offered after the adoption. If for any reason the adopter or foster carer is no longer able to care for the said dog then it must be returned to Animals in Need unless Jennie or Jackie have approved an alternative with the adopter.

Please be aware that Animals in Need are totally self funding and all help is voluntary.

Animals in Need operate throughout
the UK and the Channel Islands.

If your call is an emergency and you want to give up a dog please leave a message and we will call you back A.S.A.P.
Rescuing and re-homing dogs.
Our Mission Statement:

To rescue, rehabilitate and re-home dogs to a better life.

Our Aims:

1. To rescue dogs in need, be they strays, dogs that are being ill treated or dogs that need a new home due to personal reasons of their present owners.

2. We aim to neuter, vaccinate, flea treat and give any other medical treatment where needed before re-homing. If for any reason all these things are not possible, other arrangements will be made with the prospective adopter.

3. We will home check all prospective adopters before adoption and a follow up check will be made within 2 months.

4. We aim to provide back up after adoption should the adopters need advice.

5. All dogs will be assessed in a home environment where possible before re-homing.

6. All dogs will have done at least 10 days in quarantine to ascertain they have no contagious illness.

7. To find the forever home for each dog so that it has the love and stability it so deserves.

8. We have the services of an excellent behaviourist in the UK who is happy to give advice over the telephone and will come over to Guernsey several times a year to do Work Shops for any one seeking behavioural advice.

We aim to work to cover our expenses, which may be considerable at times. We hope to have donations from fund-raising etc. to help with the cost of running this enterprise.

All volunteers will be just that, there will be no wages paid to anyone.

If we have to dissolve Animals in Need for any reason, we realise that any remaining money in our bank account must be passed on to a similar organisation.

Dog rescue.