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Dog Care

Preparing For Your New Dog

There are a lot of things to think about when preparing for your new dog, especially if you have never owned a dog before. We hope this section on dog care will help you make decisions about your dog's future, however, if there is anything not answered here, we are only too happy to speak to you personally.

Be responsible

Make sure that your dog wears a well fitting collar with an ID tag on it.
Micro chipping is essential to prove ownership should your dog go missing. This will also help you both to be reunited should this happen, through the Pet Log database.
Vaccinations should be done annually to protect your dog from fatal diseases.
Make your dog feel secure by planning a routine in the early days so it knows what to expect and when. Giving it its own time and space is also very important, especially if you have young children. Let puppies have their sleep time and learn to be on their own for short periods. The same for older dogs, they do not always like constant attention and need their calm time as well.

Caring for your dog

You need to be aware of your responsibilities which will be essential for a happy dog and a happy you! Your dog will need training classes if it is a puppy and it may also need them in some cases if it is an adult. Your local vet can usually advise on reputable training classes or see if any friends can help, word of mouth is often the best recommendation.
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Caring for your dog.