Dogs in need. Donate here please.
Dogs in need.

Dogs In Need

Animals in Need assess all dogs where possible in foster care homes, this gives us an idea of what his/her behaviour is like and what kind of home would best suit the dog. Please find below some of our dogs in need looking for new forever homes.

Please note that we have dogs coming into our care on a regular basis and it is not always possible to put them up on our website straight away.

Call us if you are not suited to any of our dogs below and we will inform you of what dogs that are in our care.

Please think carefully before adopting as it should be a life long commitment for dog and owner.

Age: 5 years

Sex: Female

Good with children: 5

Good with other dogs: Some dogs

Colour: Black/white

Size: Medium


Due to owners death the above dog is desperately looking for a loving home. She will need an active family who is going to give her the exercise that she needs. We feel that she would benefit from agility classes. She at present is still living in her own home but will have to move out at the end of February when we will need to place her into foster care if a permanent home has not been found,

If you can help her move forward to a loving home then please contact us.

Age: Appprox. 1 year or less

Sex: Female

Good with children: 10+

Good with other dogs: Yes

Colour: Brown/white

Size: Small/Medium


Esme was found wandering the streets just before Christmas she has been quarantined and has shown know signs of any illness. She has a sweet natured temperament and deserves a loving home.

If you can offer her a loving home/foster then please contact AIN