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Animals in Need Guernsey - UK Volunteers

Animals in Need Guernsey - UK need your support.

We are all volunteers who are always happy to have help. Whether it's for a few minutes, a few hours, help is always welcome and very much appreciated. If you are interested in helping us in any way please complete the online volunteer form.

Here is a short list of what you might like to get involved with.


We often have to transport a dog either to or from a foster home across the UK, or from the UK to the Channel Islands, to the vet, or over a long distance from a home to a safe place.

We sometimes have to rely on a team of volunteer drivers to help us to move the dogs safely as we cannot always do it ourselves. This is not something that happens everyday or even every week but it helps us to have a team of drivers in the UK and Channel Islands that can be called on when needed.

Dog Foster Carers

We rely on a network of foster carers who will care for our dogs in their homes to asses the dog and look after them as if they were their own. All potential foster carers are home checked volunteers and their individual experience and home circumstances are taken into account. It is not about how clean your house is or how big your garden is, it is about the safety and happiness of the dog.

Home Checkers

Home Checkers are invaluable in making sure the right dog goes to the right home. We are always looking for volunteers to undertake home checks (all potential applicants
are subject to a home check and follow up).

Home Checkers need to be experienced, responsible dog owners, able to ask the right questions, have a sense of humour and answer potential owners queries, particularly first time dog owners. As well as informing you of what to do we will provide you with all the relevant home check forms.

Fundraisers - Friends of Animals in Need

Yes we need YOU, to help organise and think up new fun ideas and help us to raise money for our dogs.

We are always looking for Fundraisers to help raise vital funds towards our vets, kennel, food and many other expenses. Maybe you could help out at an organised event or even organise your own event.

Perhaps you have a craft skill and could make items for us to sell, or you may have some spare time at home to write emails to ask for donations for auctions, raffles etc. Your help no matter how little is very important to us.
Dog walkers.
Dog Walkers

You might not have the time to give a dog a permanent home but you love the getting out and about with a furry friend. If this is you, then why not take one of our dogs for a walk either be it daily or once a week, you still would be making a difference to them moving forward by helping them to meet different people.

Other Helpers

Any help is appreciated, from negotiators to collectors etc. If you have any kind of skills that you feel could be helpful to Animals in Need or you have any ideas of how you could help or what we would benefit from then please contact us.

Volunteers useful documents:
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We are always looking for volunteers.  
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