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Re-homing your dog.

Re-homing Your Dog

Do you need to find a new home for your dog?

There are times when people need to re-home their pets maybe a relationship breakdown, a death in the family, financial problems etc. The reasons are many but we appreciate how upsetting this can be so have tried to make the process as easy as possible for you.

Depending on your circumstances we can either take the dog in to our care where it will be placed in to a loving foster home environment or you can take responsibility of re-homing your dog yourself and posting your pet on our website.

Placing your dog into the care of Animals in Need

If for any reason you are put in the unenviable position of no longer being able to look after your dog and want Animals in Need to take full care of it then please fill in our online re-homing form or contact Charleen or Jackie. We will then arrange for your dog/s to come into a foster care home. You will also need to sign a handing over form to legally pass the dog into Animals in Need care and permit us to re-home the dog.

Taking responsibility of re-homing your dog yourself

If for any reason you are put in the unenviable position of being unable to keep your dog because of a change of circumstance in your life and want to take responsibility for re-homing your dog yourself we can help you by posting your dog on our website for a small donation fee. We will also need you to fill out a re-homing form or contact Charleen or Jackie. We call this our "owner re-homing assistance programme". We do not take your dog/s into our care or take any responsibility of potential adopters.

Information on this programme:

You will be fully responsible for your dog until the animal is adopted. If the dog is adopted and needs to be returned, you must be willing to take the dog back to your home. Animals in Need will not assume responsibility for your dog if returned under any circumstances unless you or the new adopter signs the dog over to Animals in Need.

If your dog has been micro-chipped, neutered and is fully up to date with all its vaccinations then we will require you to provide us with your dogs micro-chip number and proof of his/her medical history. If your dog is not neutered/spayed or fully up to date with vaccinations then it is advised that you get this done before re-homing your dog or have the new adopter sign an agreement to say that they will have the dog neutered/spayed/vaccinated within a short period of taking ownership. It is in your own and dogs interest that YOU are honest regarding any medical/behavioural problems that your dog may have.

You are required to give as much information as possible about your dog, this will give potential adopters looking at your post an idea as to whether the dog could be a possible match for them.

You must always make sure any potential adopter comes to visit your dog at your dogs home.

You are advised to do a home check and find out as much information about your dogs new adopter.

You are advised to let the new adopter to meet your dog and any other pets that they may have.

Please be sure you have an agreement drawn up if you would like to ensure your dogs future wellbeing.

If you require more advice or information or would like help in home checking a potential adopter then please do not hesitate in contacting Charleen or Jackie.

It is always advised that any person adopting a dog privately is to check with its current vet any previous medical history and to have the dog's health checked by a qualified vet before taking the dog into your care.

Please remember to notify Animals in Need when you have found an adopter.

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Re-homing your dog.