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Jeffrey's Story

Hi my name is Jeffrey and I came from Bath Cats & Dogs Home. I was found wandering the streets, neglected and unloved. I was very thin, blind in one eye, covered in sores and was in a lot of pain with my arthritis. I was at the rescue centre for 4 months and was beginning to wonder if anybody would want me as I was so old and needed a lot of TLC. I was very unhappy at the thought of spending the rest of my life in a kennel and started to get very depressed.

During the day my friend Sue would take me up to the office to try and cheer me up. There I sat watching people come and go, choosing my friends to take home to love. I hated going back to my kennel at the end of the day. I spent the night wondering if anybody would come and take me home to love, but then what chance did I have? I was old, blind in one eye, could not go for long walks because of my arthritis and I was on medication.

Then, one day Charleen came to collect some of my friends to take to their new homes that she had found in Guernsey, she looked at me with love in her eyes and whispered you're my boy now and I am taking you home with me.

She told me on the way that she would have to put me on PPC to re home me but I was not to worry as she was not letting me go anywhere as this was only until my new dad to be came around to the idea of having me as part of the family and that only took a day. I love my new family so much, Hugo, Holly, the cats, my new Daddy and especially my Mummy, she takes me everywhere with her and I love going in the car. I even have a Granny who I love to visit.

I go swimming once a week with Niki in her canine hydrotherapy pool to help with my arthritis, Mummy has also brought me a canine pram so that I can go with Hugo and Holly on long lane walks. I also love the beach, I get so excited when Mummy tells us that it is time to go down for a potter and thank you to PC Gary who let Mummy reverse down the slip way because I was having trouble walking down. This made my life so much easier and allowed me to enjoy the soft sand under my paws and paddle in the sea.

Sometimes when I get too tired to walk we just sit there in the sun watching Hugo and Holly run around. I used to think what a lovely life I have now with a family that truly loves me and I truly love them. Everybody was so friendly on the beach they used to come and talk to me and tell me what a lovely boy I was.

At bedtime I like to count my chewy bones and put the big one where I can keep an eye on it. My Mummy used to come and lie with me; she would cover me up with my blanket and place my teddy bear at the side of me so I would be nice and snug. I would give her a kiss goodnight and wag my tail to tell her I love her before going to sleep, she would stroke my head and tell me that I was very special and how much she loved me and that I was now safe and I was never ever to feel lonely again.

I have been with my new family for six weeks now and even though I am trying not to show it by constantly wagging my tail, today I am in pain and feeling sick, every time I try to eat or drink it comes back up again and my legs are hurting because I cant keep my painkillers down. My Mummy picks me up and takes me to the vet; she looks worried so I wag my tail to tell her that I love her and that it will be ok even though I am feeling lousy.

Vets Helen and Daniel look after me and give me an injection to stop me from being sick and took some bloods. Mummy was then allowed to take me home to see if I would start to feel better but in the early hours the pain came back and I started being sick again. My Mummy was so worried that I had to find the strength to wag my tail for her as she picked me up and rushed me back to the vets where they took some x-rays. Mummy looked at the x-rays with the vet and could see shadows on my chest and something in my bowel. The vet asked if I could have swallowed something but Mummy knows me so well and said “no” but was secretly praying that I had, as the only other thing it could be was a tumour.

It was agreed that I should have an operation straight away to find out what was going on inside me. The vet gave me my pre-med and Mummy and Daddy came in to see me before I went for my operation, I was feeling so unwell. Mummy put my teddy by me and covered me with my blanket she then hugged and kissed me and told me how much she loved me and that I was a very special boy, I found the strength to lift my head and wag my tail {I love you to Mummy}.

Wags and Kisses


Jeffrey started to go down hill on June the 14th, he was operated on by Helen and Daniel on the 16th, when they opened him up they found that he had cancer in several places and the best thing to do for him was to let him go whilst still under anaesthetic.

Jeffrey was a very special boy that appreciated everything we did for him, his love towards me and my family was unconditional and ours for him. He was constantly wagging his tail right up until the end.

May you now rest in peace Jeffrey and never feel unloved or alone, as you are right here in our hearts forever xxxxxxx

Love Hugs Wags and Kisses.

 Mina's Story

In September 2011 Charleen took me to another new house. There was Gareth, Jane and Boone their dalmatian. I was a little scared so that night I hid under a tree in the back garden. Gareth came and picked me up in his strong arms and lay me on my bed in the lounge room, Jane slept in the lounge with me that night - a few times whilst we were sleeping I looked up to see if she was still there and she was.

I could tell Jane was a bit nervous and so was I. On day 2 everyone went out and I was alone with Jane and Boone. Jane was sat on the step in the back garden so I approached her. She stroked me and pulled me close, in my ear she whispered 'I'm your Mummy now, no-one is ever going to hurt you again - in this house you are our precious Mina. You will learn love and devotion' The atmosphere changed that day - I had come home.

I was really starting to settle in, Mum and Dad walked me everyday, I had food, a comfy bed, warmth and most importantly I could feel their love. Then things changed again - at the end of October Boone and I were taken to a pet transport agency in Heathrow. Mum and Dad gave us loads of kisses and cuddles but then left. What had happened?? Boone and I were in the same kennel so I was pretty sure Mum and Dad hadn't abandoned us both. A couple of days passed and then we were put on a plane!!! Where were we going and where was Mum and Dad? 12 hours later we landed. After a short while in the customs area a very familiar smiling face popped her head around the front of my kennel - MUM!!! My tail said it all, bang bang bang on the kennel wall, I was so happy to see her.

We travelled in a car to a new house. The garden was so big, we both ran around and around and around. Was this really going to be our home? Mum came up to me 'This is our new home baby Mina, we live in South Africa now.

I have never been as happy as I am now. My name is above the door as you walk into our house, along with Jane, Gareth and Boone. This is my forever home, the air smells different here, this must be the smell of paradise!

Love Mina xxx

Doggy Tails.